Our dedicated team of talented and experienced IT and data processing professional can get your poll programmed, tested and ready for the phone in a timely manner.

We offer:

  • Multi-Lingual Polling: Aside from your standard English/Spanish/Creole surveys we also have the capabilities to provide other languages.
  • Web Polls: We can program your web poll with the same standard of quality as our telephone polling. All polls are hosted on our internal server and programmed in house. We can also employ the multimode approach to allow your web poll to be conducted via a live agent once the online approach has been exhausted.
  • In-house Programming Team: Our programming team will expertly program your poll and be readily available to make last minute or in-field changes as necessary for your poll to reflect the dynamic political climate.

We can add additional services including:

  • Introductory Calls: Alert voters about your candidate’s campaign and their goals.
  • Event Calls: Let the voters know when and where your candidate will be.
  • Voter Identification Calls: We can help pinpoint persuadable or undecided voters.
  • Persuasion Calls: Influence the undecided voter’s attitude by delivering the campaign’s position on key issues.
  • Thank You Calls: Let voters know you appreciate their support and vote.
  • Rapid Response Calls: Respond to an opponent’s attack by moving fast to deliver your message.
  • Get Out The Vote (GOTV) Calls: Two waves of reminder calls before Election Day and on Election Day itself.


Need to get a survey started? Contact us to handle your questionnaire.