Get your survey started. And fielded.

Do you need assistance in drafting and finalizing a survey? And a professional team to collect the data and manage the survey while in the field? Partners & Schorr will handle this for you. We can:

  • Assist in questionnaire design and work with the customer to develop a clear and concise survey to meet their marketing and/or research needs
  • Provide a team of professional programmers specifically assigned to each study who will program the survey in the Confirmit Horizons Platform
  • Thoroughly test and finalize the survey program
  • Field the survey and complete telephone and/or web interviews as specified
  • Procure and process sample, if needed, or simply load customer provided sample
  • Ensure Quota controls are always implemented as specified
  • Provide access to real time web based reporting tools


Need to get a survey started? Contact us to handle your questionnaire.